Budgeting, Cost Management and Reporting for Local Government Managers Workshop 2017

12 & 13 October 2017 - Cliftons Brisbane

This practical course has been designed to give a practical tool kit for managers in a variety of roles to enhance their working knowledge of budgeting, cost management and reporting tools and techniques to create measurable value and drive performance in their organisations.

Participants will also benefit from practical guidance on how to better utilise financial and other reports and appreciate the importance of integration, management responsibility and accountability.

Ultimately, this course enhances participants commercial awareness and business acumen and outlines proven cost management strategies which are core competencies of a senior manager in most industries today.


  • Achieve a broad understanding of financial management imperatives in Local Government

  • Appreciate the financial reporting needs of external and internal stakeholders

  • Develop skills in budgeting, budget management and reporting

  • Understand key financial statements and reports as they relate to Local Government

  • Discuss revenue and expense drivers and their impact

  • Learn to apply proven cost management tools and techniques

  • Discover the links between Business Intelligence and Financial Management

  • Acknowledge the impact of digital transformation and disruption on financial management


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