New report highlights challenges for recycling sector

A new report review of current Australian standards and specifications for recycled content products has highlighted the challenges of creating markets and demands for products manufactured with recycled material.

The report, undertaken by Equilibrium, show that Australia lacks national standards or specifications for recycled content, as well as mandated procurement targets and market certainty.

As part of the engagement Equilibrium consulted with key stakeholders on their views as to whether the absence of any particular standards or specifications may be obstructing the take-up of recycled materials. Stakeholder interviews also canvassed broader factors influencing increased use of recycled materials.

The report contains a list of current standards and specifications as well as a compilation of the consultation results, general findings and recommendations. Also attached is a summary report containing examples from the main report, as well as information gained from interviews with stakeholders.

A copy of the report and appendices are available here.

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