Funding for plastic waste management and recycling projects

Federal funding of almost $20 million has been awarded to nine projects aimed at reducing plastic waste and boosting plastics recycling under round 8 of the Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-Ps).

Successful projects include

  • $3 million to create green micro-factories to turn recycled waste plastics into engineered products.

  • $2.9 million to develop a plant in Victoria to turn the plastic waste from the rectification work of hazardous building cladding into recycled shoes and prefabricated building elements.

  • $2.7 million to transform plastic waste into lightweight prefabricated building products.

  • $2.5 million to develop a mobile plastic recycling container facility for remote and Indigenous communities.

  • $2.4 million to further test and develop a recycled plastic construction solution to be exported to global markets.

  • $1.9 million to grow the production of diesel from landfill waste.

  • $2 million to further develop technology which converts waste contaminated plastic to the feedstock for remanufacturing plastic.

  • $1.8 million to scale-up patented bio-polymer technology enabling the recycling of co-mingled and contaminated waste plastics, without the need to sort the waste stream.

  • $650,000 to increase the re-use of HDPE plastic.

Details of the successful projects are available here