WALGA resists government move to shift local government to state industrial jurisdiction

The WA Local Government Associationn(WALGA) has expressed concern that State Government will not provide the local government sector with any assistance in achieving its plan to move all Local Governments into the State Industrial Jurisdiction. Work has commenced on the draft bill to amend the Industrial Relations Regulations to address the jurisdictional uncertainty. In a statement WALGA said a key issue for the sector was that the Minister’s office is only concerned with clarifying which jurisdiction Local Government should operate in and not how that will be achieved.

“The Minister’s office confirmed that if the sector wants any support and additional resources to enable the transition, it will be up to WALGA to lobby the Minister for resources. However, there is no guarantee that the State Government will provide the sector with any resources for the transition.”

“WALGA and the majority of its Local Government Members remain opposed to this shift as a change in jurisdiction is unnecessary, disruptive and burdensome on the sector.

“This is complicated by the State Government refusing to appropriately modernise the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993 (WA), the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA) and the State Local Government awards as part of the proposed transition. WALGA has stated it will lobby against the change in jurisdiction to the Federal Minister for Industrial Relations on the basis that the majority of the sector do not support the recommendation or the manner in which the State Government are intending to impose it.

“The Federal Minister will have the final say on this recommendation once the proposed bill has been passed by State Parliament.” WALGA said that its position will not impact on those WA Local Governments that currently operate in the State industrial relations system.

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