Data to root out corruption

Victorian agencies are increasingly aware of the broadening range of corruption risks and are exploring new ways to detect and prevent corrupt data through the use of data analytics and ‘risk champions’.

In review of integrity frameworks of 38 Victorian state government agencies, the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) found that the broader public sector could better detect and prevent corruption, such as applying robust due diligence processes for suppliers, and developing more interactive training and integrity-related performance measures.

IBAC CEO Alistair Maclean said the review was undertaken to help the broader public sector identify opportunities to improve their systems, processes and controls to prevent corrupt conduct which can undermine trust in government and the delivery of vital services and projects for Victorians.

"We encourage Victorian state government agencies to use the findings of this review to assess their own integrity frameworks and identify where they can improve," Mr Maclean said.

"Developing cultures of integrity and frameworks to prevent corruption must be a continuing focus for every state government agency. This review found some agencies have adopted innovative approaches using data analytics to detect potential corruption. That’s an area other agencies may be able to learn from."

The review focused on agencies' practices in relation to key corruption risk areas, including procurement, nepotism, conflicts of interest, and information misuse.

IBAC’s full report can be found here

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