Commissioners green-light Perth’s strategic plan

The City of Perth’s ten-year strategic plan is set to go ahead following a vote by the city’s Commissioners.

The Strategic Community Plan 2019-2029 establishes the top priorities for the City of Perth over the coming ten years, and ‘strategically positions Perth for prosperity in the future’.

“The Strategic Community Plan presents a ‘Community Aspiration’ for the City to become more vibrant, connected and progressive well into the future,” Deputy Chair Commissioner McMath said. “Informed by extensive community consultation, and independently reviewed in 2018, this plan has compiled a significant body of work, and will enable the city to make more informed strategic decisions for ratepayers, residents and visitors. “The wider community has made clear that Perth should not only be a city with an attractive way of life, but one that has a distinctiveness that people can confidently promote."

The plan also identifies climate change as one of the major challenges the City will face over the coming decade, as well as the ageing population and technological advances.

Included in the plan are key focuses, including:

• Thriving neighbourhoods • Vibrant and diverse cultural identity • Healthy and safe communities • Strategic economic growth • Global destination city • Sustainable growth and development • Transport integration • Places that embrace nature and natural beauty • A city that cares for its environment • Outstanding environmental performance • Capital city leadership • Excellence in resource management • Open, transparent governance • Leadership and service excellence

The Strategic Community Plan can be found here.

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