Darwin completes smart city project

The City of Darwin has announced it has completed the Switching on Darwin project, the country’s largest smart city project.

The project, which includes the addition of 912 new LED lights, 138 new CCTV cameras, 39 new hotspots to extend free WiFi, 24 environmental sensors, smart parking sensors, was completed at a cost of $10 million.

With construction complete the focus has now moved to testing and implementation, with the aim of a fully integrated system being available by the end of June 2019.

“A fully integrated dashboard is being developed which will display trends in the data being collected, including temperature, rain and humidity, noise and dust, wind speed and CO2 levels,” said the Lord Mayor.

The completion of the project was not without its detractors, with some privacy advocates describing the addition of smart technology as analogous to China’s social credit system, which relies on similar CCTV technology deployed in Darwin recently.

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