WA councils call for 50% renewables target

21 councils from across Western Australia have called for a state-backed transition to 50% renewable energy production target by 2030.

The councils came together in a forum recently hosted by the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership, urging a prompt transition renewable energy production.

Dr Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle, said that now is the time for Western Australia to seize the opportunity to move forward on renewable energy.

“I’m really excited to see that the lead has been taken by local governments to advocate for a target that matches the climate science if we are going to have a sustainable future for this planet,” he said.

“These targets are ambitious but entirely doable with the right political leadership and investment decisions over the next decade.”

“Western Australia has lagged in this space for the last decade but now is the time for the state government to step up to work with local government to realise our state’s potential as a renewable energy powerhouse and realise the opportunities for jobs and investment that go with it.”

The 21 councils from across Western Australia have called for:

  • 50% state-wide renewable energy target by 2050

  • 65% state-wide emissions reduction target by 2030

  • 100% emissions reduction target by 2050

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