Hobart aldermen walk out over climate change

Three senior aldermen from the City of Hobart have staged a dramatic walk-out over a motion declaring a state of climatic and biodiversity emergency, causing the quorum to be called off before the motion could pass.

In a move to block the motion, first moved by Councillor Bill Harvey, aldermen Simon Behrakis, Damon Thomas and Jeff Briscoe walked out of the meeting in a bid to stall the motion.

The move, believed to be the first in the city’s history, was described as “extraordinary” and “premeditated” by Councillor Harvey.

The bid to block the move comes as 19 Australian, and over 500 councils around the world, have signed such motions to declare a climate emergency.

Councillor Bill Harvey took to Facebook to voice his displeasure at the stunt.

“The sooner elected reps take it seriously the more hope we have. Anyway, it will be debated once it has gone to a committee, then back to council. Stay tuned,” Cr Harvey said on Facebook.

Councillor Harvey’s colleague, first time Councillor Zelinda Sherlock, voice her frustration on Facebook.

“As a first time Councillor, I was shocked at a plan by certain Alderman to walk out, and leave no quorum on a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency motion – appalling,” Cr Sherlock said on a post.

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