Gold Coast launches Australia’s largest city LoRaWAN network

The City of Gold Coast unveiled the nation’s largest digital network and a raft of smart services in a bid to become Australia’s leading digital city in just two years.

The rollout of the LoRaWAN network is expected to provide the capability to support more than 600,000 sensors and real-time management tools.

A new nation-first IoT network will see the City introduce a number of smart services including smart water meters, waste management services and parking to help council streamline public services and unlock $12 million in savings.

The rollout of the LoRaWAN network, which developers say is Australia’s largest and most diverse IoT network, is part of an ambitious plan by council to become the country’s most advanced smart city.

City of Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate said the network is part of the Gold Coast’s vision to be Australia’s leading digital city by 2021.

“We used the Commonwealth Games as a catalyst to accelerate digital infrastructure and we have committed further investment over the last year.”

City of Gold Coast chief innovation and economy officer Ian Hatton says the City has invested in the LoRaWAN network to enable the most diverse range of uses of any network in Australia.

“This is a large-scale LoRaWAN network with coverage across the city that will provide significant opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses on the Gold Coast.”

“By using the LoRaWAN technology, which is becoming one of the world’s most commonly used networks, we can offer the greatest coverage to support large-scale deployment securely, reliably and cost-effectively.”

The National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) has been engaged to build and operate the City-owned network.

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