Local governments poised for EV uptake

The local government sector is poised to start wholesale transition to electric vehicles if the proper information and assurances are made on a federal level, a new report by ClimateWorks Australia has concluded.

The report identified Victorian local government bodies are ready for broad uptake, which could significantly expedite the growth of EV sales in the country, the report concluded.

ClimateWorks Australia project officer, Claire Connell said the project found many councils are considering electric vehicles to help meet their emissions reduction targets and to showcase environmental leadership to their communities.

“While councils are willing to purchase or lease three or four electric vehicles, few are currently planning to fully transition their fleets,” Ms Connell said.

“The main barriers to electric vehicle uptake were the capital costs associated with purchasing electric vehicles and uncertainty around the costs of charging infrastructure.

“Through the project we provided a total cost of ownership comparison for current petrol or diesel fleet vehicles and electric vehicles on the market. This showed that in some circumstances the electric vehicles options have a similar or lower total cost of ownership than councils’ current petrol or diesel vehicles."

The full report can be found here

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