IPART to review election service costing

The New South Wales Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is to review the cost of conducting local government elections in the state for the first time.

Under the review, IPART will be asked to provide recommendations as to the costings that the NSW Electoral Commission should charge councils to use its services.

“We will consider the different election services offered by the NSWEC, the efficient costs of providing these services, and how those costs should be shared between the NSW Government and councils, and across councils,” IPART’s Chair Dr Paul Paterson said.

The review will be focused on ensuring that local government elections are administered efficiently, that prices charged to councils reflect the election services provided and encourage innovation and efficiency.

“We will also look at the market for election services, and consider whether there are any barriers faced by private providers looking to enter the market and where the opportunities for effective competition may be.” Dr Paterson said.

IPART released an issues paper earlier this week to outline the review process, and can be found here.

The tribunal will release the final report to the state government by 30 August this year.

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