Victoria moves to reform planning

The Victorian Government has ordered a ‘comprehensive review’ of the state’s building and approval framework, in a bid to remove red tape and streamline state and local planning.

State Planning Minister Richard Wynne has instructed the state’s Red Tape Commissioner to complete a review of the state’s framework, with the ultimate aim of identifying planning bottlenecks and increasing the delivery of essential infrastructure.

The review will build on the findings of the Essential Services Commission review of electricity connection delays to identify further improvement opportunities for early-building works approvals and utility connections.

In consultation with key industry experts, the review will focus on the internal and external referral processes that affect the State’s capacity to deliver housing, business and infrastructure investment efficiently.

Victoria’s planning system currently suffers from multiple referral processes and duplications, as well as widely variable internal referral processes within local government.

“We want to create a more streamlined, efficient and effective planning system to deliver construction projects quicker, support jobs and boost our economic competitiveness,” Mr Wynne said.

The findings of the review are due to be handed to government by the end of the year.

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