Labor promises closer local links

New South Wales’ Labor opposition leader Michael Daley has promised a return to more positive and constructive relations between state and local government if his party wins this weekend’s election.

The promise, announced at an event in Sydney earlier this week, is set to be made official by a new intergovernmental agreement signed between the state government and LGNSW.

The agreement would see:

  • Consultation with local government before the introduction of any legislation affecting councils

  • Regular meetings with mayors, including the Lord Mayor of Sydney

  • Planning reforms, including an end to developer-led spot rezoning

  • An end to “Planned Precincts” introduced by the current NSW Government

  • Allow councils that wish to de-amalgamate to do so.

It was warmly welcomed by LGNSW President Linda Scott, who described a collaborative approach across all levels of government as the most productive and constructive way to deliver real results for the people of NSW.

“Local Government NSW welcomes Labor’s announcement, having long called for an equal partnership between State and local governments,” Cr Scott said.

“I call on the Premier to match Labor’s commitment to create a new agreement with LGNSW, which ensures regular meetings with mayors, consultation before the introduction of any legislation affecting councils and delivers planning reforms called for by local governments.”

Cr Scott said councils were the closest level of government to the community, and research consistently reported they were considered more trustworthy than State and Federal governments.