Bendigo scoops up IT award

The City of Greater Bendigo’s Internet of Things (IoT) network has scooped up the top prize in the local government category of the iTnews Benchmark Awards 2019.

The system, developed in partnership with La Trobe University, has seen the council build a free, open-source Bendigo Things Network throughout the city.

The IoT is a giant network of connected “things”, including mobile phones, weather stations, machines and electronic devices – basically any physical object that features an IP address for internet connectivity. It enables users to gather data on literally anything – for example, weather patterns, footpath usage, wildlife movements, traffic congestion and water distribution.

The open source MatchX gateway system connects over 80 per cent of the city, allowing the city’s citizens to generate data to be used by the council.

Innovation officer Chris Rowlands thanked his team and the La Trobe University for their work behind the project, remarking that it was areas outside of the traditional IT department that were now driving change.

"The collaboration and the areas that are really running with these projects at the moment, they're not just the IT team at the moment, and that really fun," he said.

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