Smart Cities Council releases data wellbeing report

The Smart Cities Council Australia and New Zealand has released a new report into the connection between investment in technology, data and the wellbeing of city’s citizenry.

The Social Wellbeing for Smart Cities framework provides data and insights aimed at guiding investment in technology for government and industry.

“We have been working up the idea that social wellbeing could become the superior framework for smart cities action and investment, and after many years or pre-work, including this Australian study, we are sharing our approach,” Executive Director of SCCANZ Adam Beck said.

“Assessing social wellbeing as an indicator of smart cities reflects real progress towards creating communities that value both innovation and human thriving,” according to Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick from the University of Melbourne, one of the team members of the project.

Vella-Brodrick continued, saying that “data informed initiatives to promote the wellbeing of a city will lead to engaged, community-minded and productive citizens”.

The full report can be found here

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