LGNSW broadsides festival regulation

Local Government New South Wales has offered a sharp rebuke of the state government’s ‘rushed punitive licencing regulations’ that come into effect at the start of March.

“Premier Gladys Berejiklian is clearly committed to trying to keep festivalgoers safe, and we very much want to work with her Government to achieve that objective,” LGNSW President Linda Scott said.

“We all want to ensure that each and every festivalgoer gets to go home, healthy and happy, when the music stops – but NSW local governments don’t want the music to stop altogether.

“Local Governments want to work with the NSW Government to make workable regulation without creating new problems.

Cr Scott said that there had been no meaningful collaboration had been achieved with the state government, putting the state wide revenue of $325 million from music festivals at risk.

“For that reason, our sector would join with the live music sector to urge the Government to reconsider this decision, and to proceed in a far more collaborative and sensible way,” Cr Scott said.

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