Tackle data blindspots now, urges report

New research released by Microsoft Australia has found ‘significant transformation opportunity’ for all levels of government in their management of data, with gaps in interpreting data leading to the failure of many initiatives.

The study of 505 medium to large organisations across the private and public sectors identified shortcomings in government agencies to intelligently use data to engage citizens and residents.

When asked about the importance of data in automating business process, 88 per cent of public respondents said it was “somewhat to extremely” important

However, the research reveals that in spite of the critical role data plays in CX transformation, almost a third (30 per cent) of survey respondents say that there is little to no data sharing across the organisation.

The report concluded that these blind spots in data sharing are hamstringing transformation efforts.

“It’s really important that government agencies and organisations identify and tackle their digital blindspots – and introduce policies, processes and technology that lets data help draft the organisational transformation blueprint,” says Michael O’Keefe, Business Applications Director at Microsoft.

O’Keefe adds; “Government organisations have acknowledged that they are not yet delivering on their efforts in transforming products, optimising process and engaging people. Delivering on all components is critical for successful transformation.”

The report also found that almost three quarters of government employees acknowledge that between 40 and 100 per cent of their digital transformation projects are focussed on improving citizen experiences. But three quarters have had failed projects in this area, and 41 per cent say 20-40 per cent of such projects fail.

The full report can be found here

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