NSW councils collaborate to face water issues

Five New South Wales councils have announced the formation of a new initiative to address key issues of water security, access and critical infrastructure.

Formed as part of the Namoi Unlimited Joint Organisation of Councils, the Strategic Regional Priorities initiative will be tasked with consolidating research across aquifers, catchments and urban water utilities to best identify regional access, security, quality and usage.

Acting Chair of Namoi Unlimited and Mayor of Tamworth Regional Council Col Murray says, “water underpins our communities and economies, it underwrites employment, the environment, industry and I think attitude in this current climate.

The project is expected to overlay existing sources of water with future demand; in the community, from the economy and infrastructure that will be needed for growth. It will involve an audit of agricultural trends, consultation with producers, water users, business, processors, climate and industry groups and extensive mapping, including areas of existing water shortfall.

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