Opposition promises local government collaboration

Labor has pledged to work more closely with local governments across a broad range of fields following the launch of its National Platform in the run up to this year’s general election.

In launching the platform, Labor pledged to work closely with local government bodies in the operation of social services, environment services, community infrastructure and regional planning.

The platform outlines how a Labor government would aim to enter into partnerships with local government to improve the quality of local services and infrastructure.

The platform states that Labor will:

  • provide long-term funding certainty

  • provide funding through the ongoing Financial Assistance Grants and index these appropriately

  • support funding for local government-maintained roads and participate in a range of programs to provide direct funding to local government

  • establish a mechanism to consult directly with local government to ensure it has strong and direct relationship with federal government

  • ensure local government has a voice within Infrastructure Australia and in regional development

  • work with local government to improve their efficiency and financial sustainability, and

  • work with local, state and territory governments through COAG to improve the financial sustainability of local government.

The full platform can be found here

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