Queensland appoints energy sleuth

The Queensland Local Government Association (LGAQ) has launched its new data analytics team aimed at reducing the local government’s $250 million annual energy bill.

The new Energy Detective scheme, launched under the Sherlock Project, has begun sifting through data on council energy use and consumption in a bid to identify patterns, map usage by meter with an aim to identify potential savings.

The scheme is expected to be rolled out throughout 2019, and comes after the appointment of long time local government executive Chris Rose to a key industry interface role with the Sherlock project.

LGAQ chief executive Greg Hallam welcomed Mr Rose’s appointment, saying it was important there was a strong, experienced liaison between the Sherlock team and Queensland councils.

“Chris will make sure that any data analytics product Sherlock pursues shows an awareness and understanding of the reality and on-the-ground challenges that councils face,” he said.

Mr Hallam said energy was chosen as one of the first areas of focus for Sherlock because it represented a large and increasing cost to councils.

“The annual bill for energy use in the Queensland local government sector is in excess of $250 million,” he said.

“Given the rapidly growing capability of data analytics to reduce costs and drive efficiencies, energy is a logical place to start discovering where the savings are.”

Mr Rose said big data would be a vital part of all successful businesses in the future, including councils.

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