WA Auditor General calls for stronger procurement controls

The Western Australian Auditor General has found that more must be done to o address procurement risks and ensure probity and value for money in procurement practices in the state’s local government sector.

Western Australia’s Auditor General, Ms Caroline Spencer, found that while the procurement policies of eight sample local governments broadly met regulatory requirements, improvements are needed.

The Local Government Procurement report was tabled in the state parliament earlier last week, and it revealed that controls, documentation, and oversight of procurement activities need to improve at all of the eight metropolitan and regional local governments studied in the report.

“Having purchasing policies and controls that are effective is essential if local governments, and the ratepayers they serve, are to have confidence in how their money is spent” Ms Spencer said.

Local governments in Western Australia manage more than $40 billion in community assets and spend over $4 billion annually on essential community services and infrastructure such as roads and footpaths, public spaces, recreational facilities, and rubbish collection.

“All local governments should have robust procurement practices that are fit for purpose, and centre around the principles of probity, accountability, and transparency,” said Ms Spencer.

The WA Local Government Procurement report is available here.

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