MAV leadership spat intensifies

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has announced the ongoing spat between the association’s president, Cr Mary Lalios, and her home council of Whittlesea has resulted in the temporary casual vacancy of the position.

Whittlesea’s refusal to pay their subscription to the association by the due date of August 31, considered to be part of an ongoing internal dispute between Cr Lalios and members of the council, will see Cr Lalios vacate the position temporarily.

“The Board, after careful consideration of the legal advice, resolved to accept the advice that the non-payment of membership fees by Whittlesea Council by the due date results in a casual vacancy in the office of the President from 1 September 2018,” the association said in a recent announcement.

The MAV is now a party to a Supreme Court action by Cr Geoff Lake seeking a review of the position that a casual vacancy in the office of the President is created. At an initial hearing in the Supreme Court on 30 August, Consent Orders were made that until the determination of the proceeding, the office of the President remains as is.

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