Report examines future of work in Queensland

The CSIRO and Queensland Government have co-published a report that has found that up to 860,000 jobs across the state could be affected by the coming wave of automation across all sectors.

The Innovation Imperative examines the risks and opportunities faced by the state in the coming decades and the emerging new economic and technological realities faced by workers across the state.

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Senior Principal Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61, said that significant opportunities exist for people and organisations operating in Queensland to capture new value and participate in new global export markets that are developing.

“By using strategic foresight methodology, we can analyse plausible future events at a local and global level to inform current-day strategy and policy decisions for the benefit of the economy and society,” Dr Hajkowicz said.

“Our research clearly shows the areas where Queensland has an opportunity to transition to a digitally enabled economy of the future where technology can be used more effectively to augment jobs and accelerate productivity, leading to better jobs, higher incomes and improved lifestyles for Queenslanders.”

The reports estimates that 868,000 Queensland jobs (36 per cent) are ‘at risk’ of task automation over the coming 20 years, but the Queensland economy is projected to add an extra one million new jobs by 2038. These jobs may be in fields which complement new technology, or in roles with a distinctly human focus such as caring or customer service, and some will be in currently unforeseen occupations.

The report also forecasts that citizens will have rising expectations for seamless digital services from government,

“e-government services are increasingly in demand as citizens expect convenient, personalised, and easily accessible information and services….the implication of this megatrend is that Queensland government and services need to deliver services to citizens and customers in a different marketplace.”

You can read the report here.

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