Preparing Australia for the impact of the Internet of Things

Hundreds of Australian and International Internet of Things (IOT) experts will assemble at University of Sydney on Monday 10 September and Tuesday 11 September to present IOT Impact 2018 - Australia’s largest conference and expo on IOT.

What is the IOT - The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is the next evolution of the Internet - where not only computers and smartphones are connected to the Internet, but also a wide range of standard everyday physical devices, each embedded with technology to enable them to be connected to the Internet. Every one of these devices, uniquely identifiable will then be able to communicate with one another and be remotely monitored and controlled.

By 2020, the number of IoT connected devices globally is expected to be 30 billion, and this is forecast to grow to 100 billion by 2025.

By 2025, the IoT market could be generating revenue close to USD 10 trillion.

IOT Alliance Australia

IOT Alliance Australia was formed in 2016 and is the peak body representing the Internet of Things in Australia. A not-for-profit organisation, with over 400 member organisations, its objective is to guide Australian industry in the adoption of IOT, and ensure that Australia as a whole generates a competitive advantage.

Its task is made that much more difficult given the slow take-up rate of Australian companies:

59% of Australian businesses have little or no IOT experience

34% of companies have not started their IOT journey

IOT Impact 2018

To assist in raising the awareness of IOT amongst Australian industry and government, IOT Alliance is presenting IOT Impact - a two-day learning campus for Australian business executives – to understand and plan for the impact of the Internet of Things in Australia.

Located at the University of Technology Sydney, the event will consist of an exhibition of 40-Australian and international companies, and an extensive conference and workshop program.

The conference will have a dedicated session on each of the six key industries that will be most impacted by IOT: Smart Cities, Transport, Energy, Water, Manufacturing and Food and Agriculture.

The conference will also have a dedicated session on the key enablers - the glue - that’s needed to make IOT work: Security, Data, Technology Platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Communications Networks.

Keynote speakers include: Christopher O'Connor, General Manager, IBM Internet of Things Offerings (USA), Clayton Fernandez, Director IoT, Microsoft (USA), Dr Stefan Ferber, CEO, Bosch Software Innovations (Germany), Professor Dr Lutz Heuser, CEO, [ui!] Group (Germany), Andre Kluge, Managing Director, Schaeffler Australia, Harry Debney, CEO, Costa, John Marcolini, Vice President, Itron (USA), Gerhard Loots, Head IOT & M2M, Telstra, Terri Benson, Managing Director, South East Water, Michelle Price, CEO, Australian Cyber Growth Network, Dr Stephanie Fahey, CEO, Austrade, and Professor Alexey Voinov, Distinguished Professor, School of Systems, Management and Leadership, UTS.

The line-up of big names supporting the event by exhibiting, speaking, or delivering a specialty workshop session include: IBM, Bosch, CBA, Telstra, KPMG, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Huawei, Vodafone, CSIRO and Nokia.

“We’re at a pivotal time for business in Australia,” says Frank Zeichner, Chief Executive Officer, IOT Alliance Australia. “IOT will make an enormous impact on nearly every business and industry, and whether that turns into an opportunity for your business or poses a serious threat to your future, all depends on how well prepared you are. IOT impact is just the first step in a long road educating Australian businesses.”

IOT Impact runs from Monday 10th - Tuesday 11th September 2018

Faculty of Engineering and IT Building

University of Technology Sydney

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With over 400 member organisations and over 750 individual participants IOTAA is the peak Australian IoT body.

Its vision is to empower industry to grow Australia’s competitive advantage through IoT.

It works with:

  • Industry to accelerate the adoption of IoT in specific sectors

  • State and Federal Government to develop programs and policies

  • Research institutions to build leadership in strategic areas

IOTAA focuses on the key industry sectors of Agri-Food, Water, Energy, Smart Cities, Transport/Logistics and Manufacturing and the key enabling technologies of Data, Security and Platforms and supported through its collaborative framework start-up engagement programs.

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