New approach to local government operation proposed

The Australian Smart Community Association (ASCA) has released a discussion paper, ‘Reimagining the Local Government Operation Model’, which explores the limitations of the current 100 year old operating model of Local Government Authorities (LGAs).

ASCA maintains that the needs of society have surpassed the current operating model for local government, and new technology has provided data and tools which provide a more accurate reading of the status of local communities than the current data sources and tools being utilised in LGAs.

Some of the challenges faced with the current operations model include:

  • a top down approach

  • difficulty for citizens to engage with LGAs and their services

  • difficulty for LGA staff to implement policy and have a positive impact on the community with the current level of red tape (in all areas)

  • procurement processes work against the needs of LGAs to procure innovative technology

“At a time when trust in Government is at an all time low, it is critical that LGA’s take the time to re-think where things are heading in their community and how decisions are being made. Our sovereignty has always been offered to us through elections, as engagement through traditional voting channels only decreasing among younger generations, this isn’t enough.”

“In this discussion paper ASCA highlights that a truly citizen centric operations model is on the horizon for all Australian LGAs who shift to to distributed Governance model. Today’s giant leaps in analytics, sensors, social engagement, and big data, provide the tools that will drive the future of governance” said ASCA Advisor, Alexia Lidas.

The ASCA discussion paper is available here.

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