SA planning policies and discussion papers released for comment

The South Australian Planning Commission has released for comment two of four policy discussion papers as part of its process to reform the state's planning system, as well as draft State Planning Policies

The 16 draft State Planning Policies (SPPs) are key instruments in the proposed new planning system that are intended to provide the framework for land use planning and development. They fall into two categories – legislated State Planning Policies and Ministerial State Planning Policies.

Legislated SPPs cover Integrated Planning, Design Quality, Adaptive Reuse, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Ministerial SPPs fall into four policy themes - Our People and Neighbourhoods, Our Productive Economy, Our Infrastructure and Movement Systems, and Our Resilient Communities and Environment.

Feedback on the draft SPPs is required by September 7 2018.

The policy discussion papers, for which submissions are required by December 3, are:

Integrated Movement Systems – focuses on managing the interfaces between South Australia’s transport systems and surrounding land uses as the new planning system is implemented, in particular, the role the planning system can play in achieving optimal land use and development outcomes that complement and support the function of all transport modes, particularly given the rapid technological advancements and rising urbanisation.

Natural Resources and Environment – focuses on key issues and opportunities associated with protecting and enhancing South Australia’s natural assets, in particular, the role the planning system can play in reducing the risks from natural and man-made disasters as well as preserving and protecting natural assets and fertile lands from inappropriate development, particularly in the face of rising urbanisation and climate change.

The other two policy discussion papers will cover People and Neighbourhoods and Productive Economy.

More information on the consultation process is available here.

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