CSIRO paper calls for 'by design' approach to city planning

A white paper prepared by Dr Neil Temperley for CSIRO's Data61 has been released, setting out the case for creating our future cities and communities ‘by design’, rather than leaving planning to chance, ad hoc decision-making or market forces.

The paper advocates an approach that “begins with a vision and goals for the city, explores the kind of services that deliver them, and ultimately reveals the foundational roles that data and ecosystems play in underpinning the desired outcomes.”

It argues that challenges and problems need to be tackled in the context of the ‘big picture’ of forward-looking vision and goals, based on a foundation of ‘data infrastructure', and sets out a framework for a 'city by design' approach.

Ultimately, the paper is “a call to governments and publicly funded entities in particular to be proactive, and take up the challenge and responsibility to create better cities rather than adopt a passive role, hoping the free market can deliver desired outcomes for our citizens and the economy.”

Dr Temperley is Executive Product Manager - Future Cities Transport and Logistics Living Lab Mentor, Data61 CSIRO

The paper, Future Cities Thinking – Future Cities and Communities by Design, is available here.

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