Australia ranked 2nd for e-government

Australia has, for the third time in succession, been ranked second in the world in the UN E-Government Development Index, a composite measure of three dimensions of e-government: provision of online services, telecommunication connectivity and human capacity.

The Survey measures e-government effectiveness in the delivery of public services and identifies patterns in e-government development and performance.

The ranking, which placed Australia behind Denmark in 2018, follows the 2016 survey when the UK ranked the highest, and the 2014 survey when the Republic of Korea took out top honours.

The top ten ranking countries for 2018 survey were Denmark, Australia, South Korea, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, New Zealand, France and Japan. The 2018 edition of the report examined how governments can use e-government and information technologies to build sustainable and resilient societies.

The E-Government Development Index is accompanied by an E-Participation Index, in which Australia did not perform as well, ranked 7th behind the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Uruguay, France, Japan and the UK.

The United Nations E-Government Survey 2018: Gearing E-Government to Support Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies is available here.

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