Lake Macquarie launches massive Smart City network

Lake Macquarie is set to become the first Australian city to provide 100 per cent commercial-grade Internet of Things (IoT) network coverage to all populated areas across the LGA, with the recent official launch of rollout of the carrier-grade Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN).

Peter Francis, CEO of Dantia, the economic development company of Lake Macquarie, said the major infrastructure commitment is a game-changer for the region.

“This network is being installed to support citywide initiatives that will enable business and enterprise to drive their own IoT projects and enterprises,” Mr Francis said.

“The investment in this infrastructure will create significant opportunities across Lake Macquarie City for start-ups, small and large businesses and open pathways for Lake Macquarie Council to build new technology and innovate.”

Start-ups will have free access to connect to the network and businesses and corporates can receive a 15 per cent discount if they establish operations in Lake Macquarie City.

Partnerships have already been established with major corporations including the University of Technology Sydney, Slingshot, Ampcontrol, ResTech and Hunter Water as well as start-ups like Marine Connect, Liftango and BinShare.

The IoT network is commercially funded for a 20-year contract period, delivered via a partnership between Dantia, Lake Macquarie City Council and leading IoT provider The National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo).

NNNCo has been chosen to install and operate the network based on its proven ability to deploy lowcost, low-power, carrier-grade connectivity and end-to-end IoT solutions such as water metering and street lighting.

“One of the challenges with IoT is the complexity of receiving data from lots of different devices and applications and transforming that data into knowledge that supports decision making,” Mr Francis said.

“Working in partnership with NNNCo, we have the means to overcome these challenges and scale to multiple applications that will make Lake Macquarie a truly Smart City.”

NNNCo Founder & CEO Rob Zagarella said the Lake Macquarie network would be a showcase for what cities around Australia could achieve with IoT.

“We are working with Dantia and Lake Macquarie City in a true partnership model whereby we’ll be able to support businesses in the area to get their projects up and running quickly and effectively, while also enabling the city to scale important services like smart waste management," Mr Zagarella said.

“Smart Cities start with a carrier-grade network but equally important is the device and data platform that seamlessly converts data from many different types of devices into a common format and structure. That’s when you start creating real knowledge and outcomes that can improve the quality of life for citizens."

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