WA government says local government sector financially sound

The WA Government has updated its MyCouncil website with the most current financial information, and states that the new information demonstrates an increase in financial sustainability across the sector.

MyCouncil was launched in 2016 as a place for residents and ratepayers to find out how their local governments are raising, spending and managing their money.

The website uses local government annual financial reports and Australian Bureau of Statistics information to chart the growth experienced in the sector.

Residents and ratepayers can view and compare information about their local council including revenue, rate growth, payments received by elected members, and the percentage of female councillors.

The local government sector in Western Australia has an operating budget of over $4.1 billion with more than 15,000 reported employees and $44.3 billion in assets.

More information is at http://www.mycouncil.wa.gov.au

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