Sydney social sustainability plan released

The City of Sydney has released for public exhibition its 10-year social sustainability action plan, setting out strategy to ensure Sydney remains a liveable and inclusive city with strong social connections and communities.

The 10-year plan outlines the City’s existing programs and actions, and presents a number of proposed new initiatives including:

  • Sydney food business incubator – a three-year pilot project involving the City of Sydney, University of Sydney, federal and state governments and social enterprises. A food business incubator would support disadvantaged people to start their own food business, supported by vocational education and training. This model for addressing food insecurity and inequality has been established in many US cities and globally.

  • Vertical communities – a program to strengthen social connections among people living in apartment buildings. The City will develop pilot programs to improve the wellbeing of apartment residents, including ‘community concierges’, ‘vertical block parties’ and new communal spaces. Results from the pilot projects will be reviewed before successful models are rolled out across the city.

  • Promoting shared spaces through new development – the City will encourage developers to create shared indoor and outdoor community spaces in new residential buildings.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander discovery guides – a pilot program to promote greater connection to country through the City’s parks and open spaces. Aboriginal guides will share knowledge with the community through an immersive learning program.

  • Supporting socially responsible small businesses to deliver positive social impacts in the local area, strengthen their corporate responsibility and economic inclusion outcomes and improve their socially responsible procurement and work practices.

  • Supporting digital inclusion – the City will use digital technology to improve service delivery and stakeholder engagement.

The plan responds directly to the United Nations sustainable development goals and Sustainable Sydney 2030.

Submissions are open until 25 May 2018. More information is at

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