20-minute neighbourhood concept trialled in Melbourne

As part of Plan Melbourne 2017 – 2050 (Plan Melbourne), the Victorian government is partnering with the Heart Foundation, Victoria Walks, local governments, the private sector and communities to deliver a pilot program to develop a series of 20 minute neighbourhoods at three locations across Melbourne.

Brimbank, Maroondah and Moonee Valley City Councils have been selected to take part in the pilot, based on a variety of criteria including the diversity of challenges they present as case studies for other municipalities to learn from.

In a 20-minute neighbourhood people have the choice to live locally, with the ability to meet most of their everyday needs including access to shops, childcare and schools, parks, doctors and public transport, within a 20-minute walk, or alternatively cycle or local public transport trip from their homes.

Plan Melbourne states that a 20-minute neighbourhood must:

  • be safe, accessible and well connected for pedestrians and cyclists to optimise active transport

  • offer high-quality public realm and open space

  • provide services and destinations that support local living

  • facilitate access to quality public transport that connects people to jobs and higher-order services

  • deliver housing/population at densities that make local services and transport viable

  • facilitate thriving local economies.

The pilot is running for a year to March 2019. More information is here


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