Award for Adelaide's Economic Insights Dashboard

The City of Adelaide’s Economic Insights Dashboard has been recognised for ‘Excellence in Local Economic Development’ at the 17th Annual Local Government Professionals Australia, SA Leadership Excellent Awards.

The ‘Economic Insights Dashboard’ is an online tool offering enormous potential for improving decision-making at every level – from local small business to leading global organisations.

The user-friendly tool was launched as part of the City of Adelaide’s refreshed Invest Adelaide website in August 2017 and brings together data from a variety of external sources and makes internal Council-held data accessible for public use.

The dashboard includes data on key city indicators covering demographics, the economy, employment, city businesses, property and tourism. Access to this data can assist a new business looking to establish in the city with insights into key city main streets, visitor numbers and property information, all relevant to their industry.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the award was brilliant recognition for outstanding thinking by a number of people at Council and that the tool is of great benefit to the community.

“The data revolution offers enormous potential for improving decision-making and the City of Adelaide is once again leading the way with a new customer-centric online tool that acts as an enabler for future growth.”

“This fantastic tool is simple to use, promotes research and data driven dialogue, informs evidence based decision-making and empowers investors, students and residents.”

Director Growth Ian Hill said the tool is invaluable for those looking to invest in Adelaide as Council progresses its Smart, Green, Livable and Creative city agenda.

“As a Council we play an active role on many levels in supporting the growth of our community. It’s fantastic to be recognised for our efforts and it’s testament to the hard work people across our organisation – particularly from our Economic Development & Tourism program – have put into this project.”

The emerging trends resulting from digital disruption and the economic transformation required to grow our economy are changing the way we live, learn, work and do business. Council’s plan, is to enrich Adelaide’s lifestyle and boost its growth by becoming one of the world’s smartest cities with a globally-connected and opportunity-rich economy.

The Dashboard can be viewed here.

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