Templeman seeks power to remove WA mayors and councillors

The WA Minister for Local Government, David Templeman, has introduced legislation to give state government the power to suspend or dismiss individual mayors or councillors, following the suspension of the Mayor and entire council of Perth pending an investigation into its governance.

Under current law, only entire councils can be suspended or dismissed.

Mr Templeman said that the Local Government Act does not have any provision to deal with an individual whose actions may affect the standing of an entire council.

He said he was confident that the amendments to the Act would “ensure council members are held accountable for their actions and deliver better outcomes for the Western Australian community.”

He said the rules around how and when elected members could be removed would be sufficient to prevent Government’s from removing individuals for political reasons.

The current review of the Local Government Act, initiated in June last year, is being conducted in two stages. Phase One, currently under way, is looking at modernising local government. Phase Two, to commence this year, will consider community participation and confidence, as well as financial management and red tape.

More information about the review is here.

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