Climate leaders to meet in Sydney

The Climate Leadership 2018 Conference, to be held in Sydney this week, has attracted strong local and international interest, with more than 200 speakers and delegates from all levels of government, the business, banking and finance sectors, not-for-profit, as well as representatives from key international governments.

These include the US, Canada, the Delegation of the EU, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco and India.

The Conference will tackle key emerging issues in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and will provide insights into current developments both in Australia and internationally.

Keynote speaker, Patrick Suckling, Australia's Ambassador for the Environment, will highlight the significant outcomes for Australia of COP23 and the pathway to meeting the commitments of the Paris Agreement.

Topics to be addressed by expert speakers throughout the conference include:

  • Benefits of Carbon Commitments for Government and Industry

  • Creating Business and Economic Opportunity through Climate Leadership

  • States Leading the Way: Putting the Climate Leadership Declaration into Practice

  • The Performance of Australian Companies in a Global Context

  • The latest science: Future Projections and Climate Modelling

  • New Approaches to Climate Thinking and Risk Management

  • Coastal Impacts of the June 2016 East Coast Low Storm: Lessons for the Future in a Changing Climate

  • Singtel Optus: Dealing with Supply Chain Emissions in Australia’s First Science Based Target

  • Becoming the World's First Carbon Neutral City - City of Adelaide

  • Climate Change Science and Solutions for Australasia

  • Mobility, Energy and Urban Planning - Key Strategies for Delivering the Paris Agreement

  • Accelerating net zero

  • Towards a Low-Carbon Future

  • Taking a Proactive Approach to Carbon Disclosure

  • The Power of Investment to Influence Climate Decisions

  • Role of Local Governments in Responding to Climate Change

  • Adaptive Communities - How are Communities Learning About, Understanding and Responding to Climate Change?

The Conference will provide an opportunity for leaders, planners and policy makers at the local and national level to share information and insights into arguably the most urgent single issue facing our nation.

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