Smart Cities Guide published

The ‘Smart Cities Guide for Built Environment Consultants’ has been published to help consultants better understand the role of data, design and technology in designing cities.

The guide, a collaboration between Consult Australia, the Smart Cities Council (ANZ) and their respective members, defines and sets out the functions of a smart city and includes a checklist for collaboration across the sector.

Megan Motto, Chief Executive of Consult Australia, said: “As the tools for designing cities change, so too must the practices of firms in the built environment. This is in part about understanding technological advance and increasing the role of data, but it is equally about understanding the culture of collaboration and constant improvement associated with digital.”

The ‘Guide’ contrasts differences between traditional project challenges with smart city outcomes and provides a series of questions for consultants to assess clients on smart city awareness, technology and related strategy.

Adam Beck, Executive Director of Smart Cities ANZ, said: “It is about providing answers or signposting to existing documents like the Smart City Readiness Guide, but equally, it is a support framework for consultants and clients to both better understand how technology, data and intelligent design can enhance a city’s liveability, workability and sustainability.”

The ‘Smart Cities Guide for Built Environment Consultants’ is available for free download here.

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