Local government employs almost 10% of workforce

The Local Government sector employed 189,512 people in June 2017 – about 9.7 per cent of the total public sector workforce.

Figures issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that territory and state governments employed 1.53 million people in June 2017, with the Commonwealth having around 239,800 employees on its books.

The combined public sector figure of 1.957 million employees represents around 16 per cent of the Australian workforce.

Compared to the previous financial year, Local Government employment numbers were up by about 3000. State and territory public servant numbers rose nearly 30,000, while Commonwealth bureaucrat numbers were down by about 3400.

The numbers of employees in Local Government grew in every state, except in Victoria and Tasmania, where there were slight declines.

The biggest percentage growth in territory and state public sector employment occurred in Queensland, where an extra 12,000 public servants were added to the payroll.

The increase in the number of public servants over 10 years is roughly in line with population growth.