Report shows need for digital maturity in local government

A SURVEY of 107 Australian and New Zealand Local Government Areas has revealed that digital adoption rates are highest in Queensland and Western Australia.

Between 80-90 per cent of surveyed councils said they were active on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and provided internet access in libraries. Seventy per cent allowed the public to request reports online or to make basic payments online.

However, 80 per cent of surveyed councils said they had no policy for sharing digital information with external parties, while 70 per cent lacked a digital strategy for building, planning and development activities.

The Digital Maturity Index indicated councils had made uneven starts on their digital journey but that all recognised “digital is the way of the future”.

The DMI methodology applies metrics, determined by a rigorous self-assessment survey, across the range of local government activities and services to establish a series of indexes, and an overall DMI, which show:

  • how well the LGA is doing in each measured area

  • how it compares to other LGAs of a similar size and type, and others in their region

  • the scope of room for improvement.

The level of maturity is measured on a five-point Capability Maturity Model scale then converted to a score out of 100.

The report reveals that LGAs are experiencing several common challenges in their transition to digital delivery models, particularly new technologies, new skills, and new ways of doing business require strategy and leadership.

The report is available here

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