Local government public Wi-Fi services under the spotlight

RMIT UNIVERSITY is researching the role of Australian Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in providing public Wi-Fi services and surveying councils on whether or not they provide such services.

The survey is part of an Australian Research Council-funded project designed to produce the first national picture of Local Government initiatives in public Wi-Fi.

The research aims to:

  • Identify and describe public WiFi provision in Australia; including past, present and anticipated activity

  • map out relevant local and international policy debates that have underpinned public WiFi investment

  • examine path-breaking developments in public WiFi provision overseas and suggest which forms of provision might be most effectively adopted in Australia

  • assess the public value of a selection of local public WiFi developments through case-study research

Survey previews can be accessed here, while further detail on the research can be found here.

The results of the survey will be aggregated and made publicly available; however, RMIT says survey participants will not be identified in research outputs.

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