Newcastle adopts Smart City Strategy

Newcastle City Council has endorsed a smart city strategy for the nest four years, which outlines how Council will help diversify the regional economy and encourage innovation to meet urban challenges while attracting investment and slowing the Hunter's decades-long brain drain.

Council's Interim CEO, Jeremy Bath, said actions specified in the strategy will now be implemented and integrated into relevant work programs and operational plans. For new programs and projects, funding will be sought through the usual budget processes or through external grant funding when available. The four-year blueprint focuses on six key areas, including:

• A smart economy that invests in innovation and infrastructure to support business success and attract industry and more investment;

• A smart environment in which the public, business and industry harness innovation to create a cleaner, more sustainable future;

• Smart living by embracing technology in public places to improve the amenity of the city and connect with people in new ways;

• Smart mobility in which walking and cycling have top billing and technology-enabled infrastructure is employed to create better travel experiences;

• Smart people attracted from afar and persuaded to stay or return to pursue careers;

• Smart governance marked by consultative leadership and collaboration across government, industry and business.

The Smart City Strategy is available here.

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